In the new Soap Opera Digest magazine, Head Writer Ron Carlivati previews what’s to come this fall on Days of Our Lives. The show will officially move over to Peacock beginning September 12.

Coming up this fall, the full story of what happened the night Abigail died is revealed. John, Marlena, Steve, Kayla, Roman and Kate band together to save themselves and their families from Orpheus and his plans. Li proposes to Gabi but she will come face-to-face with Stefan but that reunion doesn’t go as planned. Paulina runs for governor just as another secret from her past threatens her candidacy. Nancy and Clyde plan to get married.

Stephanie and Chad get closer as he works through his grief over Abigail meanwhile Alex is still smitten with her. Johnny and Ava grow closer while EJ is trying to prove her as a fraud. Xander and Sarah finally get married but will they have their happily ever after? Eric and Nicole continue to be pulled into each other’s orbit despite their relationships with Rafe and Jada respectively.

There is a custody battle for Rachel and Kristen continues to scheme to stay in Brady’s life while Chloe gets pulled into the whole mess. Gwen finds out Jennifer’s secret that she’s using pills, will she rat her out or help her?

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