In today’s episode of Days of Our lives, viewers were introduced to a new character – Elia Cantu made her debut as Jada Hunter. In her conversation and brief interview with Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) for a job at the Salem PD, she noted that Steve (Stephen Nichols) played a pivotal role in connecting her with Rafe. It was also revealed that she is the daughter of Marcus Hunter who was good friends with Steve and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans). So who was Marcus?

Longtime viewers would remember that Marcus was introduced in 1987. It was revealed that he grew up in an orphanage with Steve Johnson and they were very good friends. He came to Salem in 1987 on a mission to lend a hand to his old pal and later ended up taking a job at Salem’s University Hospital as a plastic surgeon. Marcus was on a path to learn more about his past hence he sought the help of Gail Carson. Gail, Marcus and Steve traveled to South Carolina to visit Marcus’ aunt, Lizzie to get information. Lizzie encouraged Marcus to stop looking into his past. Marcus helped Steve when he needed the bones around his eye reconstructed so that it would allow him to wear a glass eye. Marcus got involved with Faith Taylor who was Saul Taylor’s daughter. Her father however was against her dating a black man who was not of their faith and made her stop seeing him. Marcus recalled his past when he was attacked and knocked unconscious after he and Gail infiltrated the camp together. In remembering he realized that his parents were killed when Saul Taylor and his partner Jericho had blown up the church his parents were in. Marcus and Gail’s relationship ended when he learned that she was really an ISA agent pretending to be an anesthesiologist. Years after the “death” of Steve, Marcus started falling in love with Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) but she told him she could not return his feelings and this led to him leaving Salem in 1992. Marcus was not seen again.

Richard Biggs, who played Marcus, passed away in 2004. The character was not killed off, so is there a possibility that Jada will be joined by her father in the future? Watch some clippings below!

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