Award Winning Screenwriter, Author, and actress (ex-Isabella Toscano Black, Days of Our Lives) Staci Greason has released her brand-new book titled “All the Girls in Town.” 

The novel is about three smart, sexy, slightly messed-up women, Dani, Red, and Sasha who have nothing in common. The only thing that connects them is their trail of tears left courtesy of bad boy rocker, Peter. Dani unwittingly sets things in motion for their paths to collide and the trio unites to take down a horrible rock star.  

In addition to her novels, Greason pens essays, short stories, and manuscripts for television and film. Greason writes to encourage herself and others to continue to embrace life’s journey through pain, overcoming, and the joy that comes from breaking through. 

You can learn more about Greason on her website here and you can purchase All the Girls in Town here

Photo by Sela Shiloni

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