Annika Noelle was recently on Bold Live and was also interviewed separately by Michael Fairman. In these interviews, Noelle spoke about the possibility of Liam and Brooke hooking up and the possibility of Hope and Thomas reuniting. On Bold Live, Noelle in regards to a reunion for Hope and Thomas said, “I think given what Thomas has done to Hope and her family. I personally, don’t, even though I love working with Matt and I think it’s such a fun dynamic and it definitely brings out a different part of Hope’s character, I think you would be playing with fire for sure if they did that pairing. Again, the message it sends to women would be a little precarious.

In her interview with Michael Fairman, Noelle on the subject of Brooke and Liam shared, “I have actually heard a lot of fans theories about Liam and Brooke! I hope my on-screen mom doesn’t make the same mistake, twice in her lifetime. I would hope she has learned her lesson in some way.” Noelle would also love for her character to find out about Deacon and Sheila. “I really want Hope to stumble on Sheila and her dad together, because she has no idea this is going on. Meanwhile, Hope has been fighting tooth and nail for her dad to be a part of her life. So, I actually am really hoping she falls upon that secret and seeing how she deals with the reality vs. what she thought.

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