This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope and Steffy go head-to-head over Hope’s feelings for Thomas and then Hope and Thomas get stranded together on a business trip! Here’s a preview of what happens in Los Angeles the week of May 8th, 2023, on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful:

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Is Steffy Overreacting?

Hope assures Liam of her love. Steffy demands to know if Hope has feelings for Thomas. Hope tells her that she’s overreacting to something she misinterpreted but Steffy says that she knows what she saw. Hope tells her that she loves her husband and asks Steffy to not say anything.

Steffy Sees Hope and Thomas

Steffy catches a glimpse of Hope and Thomas holding hands and confronts Hope, demanding to know if she has feelings for Thomas. Hope denies that she does and asks Steffy to stay quiet because it was nothing. When she goes home, she plans a romantic evening for her and Liam to try to focus on her marriage and not her growing feelings for Thomas. She and Steffy go at it again and Hope continues to deny that there’s anything going on. Liam’s not happy when Hope gets stranded on a business trip with Thomas. Thomas helps her try to get them both home.

Daily Breakdowns:


Steffy demands the truth from Hope about her feelings for Thomas.


RJ asks a considerable favor of Thomas concerning Ridge.
Determined to shake her attraction to Thomas, Hope overcompensates with Liam.


Hope defends her character compared with Brooke’s to Steffy.

Wyatt helps Liam gain clarity on his current situation.


Liam voices his concern when he discovers Thomas and Hope are traveling together on Forrester Creations’ business.
Hope gets overwhelmed by feelings she cannot control.


When Hope and Thomas’s flight home is delayed, Steffy springs into action.
Liam gets anxious.
Thomas searches for a solution.
Hope attempts to maintain her emotions and composure.

Casting News:


Vivian Huang and Quinn Knox as San Francisco Buyers.
Ryan Stroud as Forrester Pilot.

Preview Week of MAY 15th:

Hope shares her biggest fear with Thomas.
Shelia’s escape plan is revealed.
Finn learns a secret from Steffy.

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