This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, will Shelia finally face justice? Can Finn protect his family? And just why is it that Ridge wants to bring his families together? Here’s a preview of what happens in Los Angeles the week of March 27th, 2023, on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful:

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Shelia’s Not Going Down Without A Fight!

Deacon warns Shelia that something bad will happen if she keeps running. When Bill reveals that he’s been playing her, Shelia attacks him but ends up being the one to go over the balcony as Ridge and the FBI look on in shock!

Is Shelia On To Ridge and Bill’s Plot?

Rarely has there ever been such an unlikely team up as the one between Bill and Ridge but if anything can make enemies come together it’s a shared enemy the likes of Shelia Carter. They have gone all in with their commitment to take her down and this week is a critical juncture in their plan. Will Shelia accept Bill’s proposal of marriage so they can take the next steps in her downfall or is she one step ahead of them?

Finn’s Ready For Whatever Comes!

Everyone is confused by Bill’s actions regarding Shelia, especially his marriage proposal! Finn knows there’s something else going on but can’t figure out what it is. He is determined to protect his wife and kids at all costs and makes it clear to Shelia that reconciliation between them will never happen. Will he be caught off guard by what happens next?

Daily Breakdowns:

Bill proposes marriage to a skeptical Sheila.
Finn and Steffy revel in their shared moments together.

Sheila and Bill’s relationship takes a twisted turn.
Brooke gives Katie advice about Carter.

Sheila’s scheme blindsides Deacon.
Bill and Ridge up the ante in their quest to imprison Sheila.

Finn vows to protect Steffy at all costs.
A bold act of deception paves the way for justice.

The Forresters and Logans gather together, curious about Ridge’s cryptic invitation.

Casting News:


Dan Martin as Deputy Chief Brad Baker.
Brian Yang as FBI Agent Alex Chen.

Preview of the Week of April 3rd:

Finn plays the hero.
The advantage is finally in Li’s court.
The family is stunned by Ridge’s news.

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  1. If any relationship is doomed to failed please that’s would be Sally and Nick’s relationship that’s relationship is doomed to failed that neither one see it coming

  2. Sally and Nick relationship is doom doom doom doom she still love with Adam she not and never with her over Adam his love is too strong

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