This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy has a busy week celebrating Carter, plotting against Shelia, and trying to save a fashion line! Here’s a preview of what happens in Los Angeles the week of February 27th, 2023, on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful:

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Can Steffy Take Shelia Down?

Bill snuggles with Shelia and is later confronted by Liam and Wyatt who don’t understand what is going on with Shelia and their father. Bills says that she accepts him for who he is. Steffy plots with Finn and Hope to find a way to take Sheila down with her seeing it coming.

Deacon and Hope Bond

Before the reopening of Il Giardino Hope and Deacon bond talking about his new business and her situation with Douglas. When she asks him about the new woman in his life he changes the subject because he knows that if Hope knew it was Shelia it would be bad for their relationship. After Hope leaves, Shelia shows up. Deacon wants her to come to the opening and tells her how much she matters to him, but Shelia feels her future is with Bill, so they agree to part ways and cut all ties.

Forrester Celebrates Carter

The Forresters surprise Carter with a celebration on his 10th anniversary with the company. Eric, Steffy, Hope and Carter share a touching moment. The little party coincides with Lawrence Saint-Victor’s 10th anniversary on the show as Carter.

More Bold Spoilers: 


Deacon attempts to persuade Sheila to attend the grand opening of Il Giardino.

Steffy and Finn brainstorm ways to get Sheila out of Bill’s life and back to prison.


Wyatt and Liam unleash their anger at Bill for choosing Sheila over his family.

Taylor makes a bold move to mediate between Steffy and Thomas.

Sheila and Deacon share a bittersweet goodbye in the best interest of their futures.


The Forresters celebrate Carter’s 10th anniversary at Forrester Creations.

Hope is blindsided by news about the Hope for the Future line.


Liam and Deacon bond over their mutual love and concern for Hope.

Steffy stuns the Forrester Creations team with a gutsy solution to an urgent problem.


Thomas asks for forgiveness and another chance to make things right.

Bill makes a confession to Liam about Sheila.

Preview Week of March 6th
Thomas asks for forgiveness from Brooke.
Shelia is put on the spot by Bill.
Liam gets concerning news from Hope.

Photo: CBS/Sonja Flemming