This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke dips her toes into singlehood, Taylor plays referee and Bill makes a commitment to a less-than-committed Shelia! Here’s a preview of what happens in Los Angeles the week of February 20th, 2023, on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful:

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers!

Promo Recap: A Forrester Family Feud Is Brewing

Steffy and Thomas go toe to toe over what’s best for Douglas. Steffy is determined to protect him but Thomas warns his sister that no one will keep him from his son. Finn questions if Thomas is threatening them.

Steffy Gets Custody Of Douglas

Thomas bristles when Steffy tells him he will not have open-door access to Douglas while he is under her care. Steffy and Finn are committed to protecting Douglas and feel Thomas has a lot of work to do to fix what he broke with his son. Taylor finds herself playing referee between her children. Can she fix their fractured family before it breaks?

Bills Steps In To Help Shelia

Bill encourages Finn to meet with Shelia so the two can make peace. He has a lot of experience with having to heal fissures he has caused with his own children and feels Shelia can do it with Finn with a little help. He makes a commitment to her, determined to make her feel safe and loved.

More Bold Spoilers: 


Brooke gets flirty attention from an unexpected source.

Steffy and Finn put up boundaries with Thomas.


Hope expresses her grief to Liam over missing Douglas.

Taylor mediates Thomas and Steffy’s heated argument.


Hope queries Taylor about her true motives.

Sheila keeps a secret from Bill.


Deacon shares information about Ridge’s past with Brooke.

Dollar Bill makes a big commitment to Sheila.


Brooke takes the first step in life without Ridge.

Casting News:

Hollis W. Chambers as Paul.
Alexis Gaube as Petra.

Preview Week of February 13th:

Hope gets more bad news from Steffy.
Wyatt and Liam take issue with Bill.
The temptation of forbidden love causes distress.