This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Finn holds Shelia’s life in his hands and Thomas and Hope get up close and personal just in time for Liam to see them! Here’s a preview of what happens in Los Angeles the week of April 3rd, 2023, on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful:

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Liam Is Laying Down the Law!

Hope questions if there’s more going on than work for Thomas while Wyatt asks if his brother is keeping an eye on Thomas when it comes to his wife. Liam catches Hope and Thomas in a cozy position and demands to know how much more he’s supposed to take!

Finn’s Life Or Death Decision

Finn is faced with a life-or-death decision when he’s informed that Shelia has suffered a heart attack and has been brought into his hospital while he’s on duty. His adoptive mother Li is also on duty, and she thinks they should let her die for all the harm and pain she has inflicted on their family and the world but Finn is conflicted due to his devotion to the oath he took as a doctor and the fact that Shelia is his birth mother. What will he decide?

Ridge Moves On

After the plan to take down Shelia is over, Ridge finds himself at a crossroads. He’s been absent from his own life for a while now and is trying to see where he fits in. Both Brooke and Taylor make it clear to him that neither of them is an option and Ridge makes his peace with that and accepts it. Where, and to who, will Ridge go next?

Daily Breakdowns:

Finn faces a life-or-death dilemma.
Taylor and Brooke wonder what Ridge’s return means for them.

Steffy and Finn express their gratitude to one another.
Bill details his experience with Sheila to Liam, Hope, and Wyatt.

Thomas and Ridge come face-to-face for the first time since their estrangement.
Liam pays an unexpected visit to Hope.

Hope worries about her marriage.

Hope creates a romantic night for Liam.
Taylor shuts down Thomas’s concern that Ridge will go back to Brooke.

Casting News:


Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Linda Purl as Lucy

Preview for the Week of April 10th:

Hope doesn’t know what to do.
Taylor holds firm to her pact with Brooke.
Brooke has questions about how Hope is feeling.