Fans have been very vocal about the behavior of Steffy and Thomas in recent times on The Bold and the Beautiful. Viewers feel that both Thomas and Steffy are too preoccupied with their parents’ relationship. Soap Opera Digest spoke with Head Writer, Bradley Bell who told them, “Yes, they’re older but I think they feel that Brooke, through her manipulation and sexuality, has blindsided Ridge and he’s been addicted to her. And Steffy sees it as an unhealthy addiction that he’s had, that made this great man turn his back on his family and his children and their mother for many, many years.”

Bell also noted that Steffy has “lived with this frustration for so long that the idea that they could be a family, that they could spend the holidays together and have family dinners with the grandkids, it’s something that she really desires along with Thomas. They have such great love and respect for their mother, and in their minds, she’s a far superior person than Brooke is and deserves happiness. And she still loves Ridge and it’s time for her to live out some years, hopefully the rest of her life, with Ridge by her side.”Bell is tickled by the fan response, especially since more than three decades have passed since this trio was first conceived. “You have to kind of whack the beehive once in a while, and it’s really fun to be back to Ridge, Taylor and Brooke and have it be really as controversial as ever,”

Bell did not end without saying, “People have strong opinions on one side or the other. I love it.” So, what are your thoughts about Steffy and Thomas being so preoccupied with their parents getting back together?

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